Presentation of SeeClickFix: Report quality of life issues with your smart phone

Home screen on SeeClickFix mobile app
Home screen on SeeClickFix mobile app
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

By Stephen Musgrave


Ever see a burned-out streetlight? Pothole? Downed tree limb? Abandoned TV?  

Of course you have.  

But you were probably on your way somewhere and didn't have the time to report it ... assuming you even knew which City agency to call. Without a 311 call center in Jersey City, it can be difficult for citizens to report such issues. Luckily, there's an app for that.

This is where SeeClickFix comes in.

SeeClickFix is smart phone app that allows you to report quality of life issues as you see them. Simply fill out a form and the issue is uploaded to the website. The issue is then available for public view, comment, and resolution.  And even if you don't have a smart phone, you can report issues on the SeeClickFix website, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to find a "widget" showing issues within Harsimus Cove and a button to report a new issue you have spotted.

Presentation at the February General Meeting

I gave a presentation on SeeClickFix at the February general meeting, walking members through each step of reporting an issue using the smart phone app.  SeeClickFix is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Several of our members have already been using the app for many months and we therefore felt it was about time we introduced it to the membership as a whole. We were also curious to find out who else in town was interested in utilizing this service in their neck of the woods. We were able to get the word out even further thanks to a little press courtesy of the Jersey City Independent.

How Does it Work?

After installing the app, simply launch it any time you see a quality of life issue in your neighborhood:

  1. Tap "Report".
  2. The app will then find you on a map. If you are not presently in the location of the issue, you can override the location by typing in the address of the problem.
  3. Take and upload a photo if you think it will be helpful to describing the problem.
  4. Enter a brief summary of the issue.
  5. Enter a more detailed description of the issue, including an address or intersection, a landmark nearby, or a pole number (if visible) if a problem is with a streetlight.
  6. Tap "Submit" and you're done!  (Well, almost)

For a more thorough explanation of the process and to learn other capabilities of the app, please click here to see the slide show presentation that I gave at the meeting.

Now What?

Now that your issue has been submitted to SeeClickFix, what happens next? If the problem is located in the Harsimus Cove neighborhood, I get an email alert because the issue is within the Harsimus Cove Association "watch zone." Anybody can create an account on and subscribe to an existing watch zone or create a new one.

I will then report the issue to the proper City agency such as the JCIA, the Mayor's Action Bureau, and/or PSE&G if it has to do with a streetlight outage.

After I've reported the issue, I will update the case on SeeClickFix.  If you've tied your smart phone app to an account you created on, you will get an email notification when the issue is reported to the City.  Likewise, you will get an email when I receive word that the issue has been fixed.  Here is a great example of an issue with a paper trail as described above.


If you're in Harsimus Cove, sign up for an account on, download the app, and be on the ready to improve the quality of life in our already wonderful neighborhood!

If you're not in the Harsimus Cove neighborhood and are interested in getting this rolling with your local association or civic group, please send me an email.  I'm happy to give my slideshow presentation anywhere in town.

UPDATE 3/6/2013:  Read our annual report.

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